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BST 560

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BST 560 at the best price in Pakistan | SAA International – Launch Authorised Importer / Dealer in Pakistan



  1. The USB port can export service records
  2. A variety of applicable vehicle types, battery types and calibration systems
  3. The potential problem of vehicles can be detected in advance
  4. The battery and circuit system can be detect simultaneously
  5. The battery test results are quick and accurate (within 3 Sec.)
  6. No heating, no discharge, no spark, no operating risks
  7. Available to the batch inspection of battery by testing continuously and repeatedly

Support multiple languages menu

  1. Results of the battery test: ‘Good’ or ‘To replace’
  2. Applicable Vehicle
  3. Car, motorcycles, lawn mowers and other gardening machines, Group 31, commercial vehicles 4D/8D

Applicable Battery Types

  • 6V, 12 V and 24V batteries (Lead-acid battery, gel battery and AGM battery)

Optional accessories

  1. Storage case
  2. Thermal paper (sold in most office supply stores)

Weight 1 kg


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